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City & Community Performers and Entertainment

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Its easy to find great quality children’s and family shows that are ideal for all types of city and community events from summer camp entertainment to fairs, festivals and concerts with Dream Shapers.  We offer over 20 presenters with hundreds of shows for you to choose from should you be looking for a themed children’s and family show for your event.

All our performers and programs are insured and guaranteed.  Whether you are looking for concert in the park, walk-around – roving performers, or lively interactive shows and activities….you’ll find them all here! You’ll find magicians, jugglers, children’s music artists, cowboy trick roping, African drumming, mime, balloons, puppetry, storytelling, and more.  Our performers are available for all types of events from large fairs, theaters, and concert formats, to small festivals, children’s and family events, boy and girl scout events, and museums.

If you can’t find a theme or a program you are looking for Contact Us.  We can help!

Our performers are very flexible to fit into your programming needs and can customize programs based on theme and if we can’t, we’ll point you in the right direction of someone who can.  Cities, fairs, festivals, summer camps, and community organizations have, for over 20 years, chosen Dream Shaper artists to provide children’s and family shows and entertainment at events throughout Southern California based on our strong reputation for quality shows, dependable performers, and professionalism in providing performers and shows to their children’s and family event.